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Jan 1st Predictions? - 01/06/2019 6:15 AM

I wonder... Is it possible to predict certain things for the new year based on what you do on Jan 1st? Well, it wouldn't be anymore ridiculous that some of the random superstitions we have, such as the dropping of whipped cream in Switzerland. Let's take a quick stab, shall we?

  1. 1st movie watched - Avengers Infinity War
  2. 1st video game played - Eternal Darkness
  3. 1st food consumption - Celery Juice (yuk)
  4. 1st store shopped at - Walmart

1. I think there is some weight to the 1st movie watched. Avengers Infinity War shocked audiences with a finale that many didn't think was possible. Even though I knew about the snap from the comic books, I never thought that Marvel would have the cajones to do it. They definitely did, and we are all waiting like mad trying to figure out what is going to happen this April. My 2019 is definitely going to be Marvel focused.

2. Eternal Darkness. I don't know what it was, but I had this craving to play this game again back in December. Unfortunately, it hasn't received any HD update, or remake. My assumption is that it probably hasn't received any modern update due to Silicon Knights going out of business a few yeas back. This means I gotta play it on the ole' Gamecube. I had to do a full on assembling of materials to play it. I dug out my old Wii from the basement, found a needle in a haystack (Gamecube memory card out of over 20 storage boxes), buy a Gamecube controller and finally get the game from a second hand store. The game came out in 2002, but it's great. I would even say it's fantastic and is definitely in my top ten of video games of all time. This prediction is that 2019 is going to be "retro" game focused. Shouldn't be hard with all the remakes/releases that are constantly being done on the Nintendo Switch. Yes, I am currently playing Night Trap too.

3. Uck. The wife has me drinking celery juice in the morning. It's supposed to be good for my liver. Healthier living in 2019? Hopefully.

4. Shopping at Walmart is pretty normal. I have become a lot more frugal since I've moved to Colorado, and I bet 2019 will see more of that happening. I think we all can do a lot better saving, and cutting back on stuff. Having a smaller place out here is keeping the bank account more padded. I definitely could lose a lot less crap. The days of buying all the Mario themed trinkets has come to an end. I would like to note that I said "all", and I will probably still pick up "some". =)

Well, there are my predictions in full. Let's see how 2019 shapes up.