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TV shows these days - 01/10/2019 8:39 PM

Who would have thought that TV would ever eat movie's lunch. What I mean is, who would have thought that what everybody would be talking and discussing would be TV. When I was kid back in the 80/90's TV shows were what you talked about at school because you debated whether or not Viki was cute or not (for a robot, there is no uncanny valley), while you waited to go to your parents to the movies or video store. If you can remember in that time, there were no streaming services, DVD players or even VCRs, so movies were a much bigger deal back then.

Fast foward to now, TV has taken over!!! Sucks for me, cause now that everybody is 100% TV show focused, I have nobody to talk about flicks with!!! It's also challenging because I'm not really watching what everybody else is watching. Well, let's talk about what I'm watching these days:

Riverdale - Who would have thought that I would be watching some teen drama revolving around my Aunt Gerry's favorite comic characters. I remember being the convalescent home flipping through her stack of Arhie comics wondering why Archie just couldn't make up his mind between Veronica and Betty (definitely Veronica). The stories were silly, and I couldn't relate to them at all in their perfect world. When I was working on the Archie app at Madefire, I decided to watch a few episodes to get knowledgeable with the client and got hooked immediately. It reminds me of a modern Twin Peaks with crazy attractive people and a super addictive story. It might sound stupid, but I highly recommend it.

Trailer Park Boys - I've been watching this show for years now and is still my favorite show of all time. The characters are great and the stories are addictive. It's definitely not for everybody with it's extreme drug humor, foul language and crazy situations. Rest in Peace John Dunsworth.

Punisher - Next season starts next Friday!!! I was nervous about how this show as going to turn out. He can be a flat character in the comics depending on the storyteller, and I wasn't sure how Marvel would do it this time since they've had hard times in the past. He worked out great in Daredevil season 2, but he was also a secondary character in that show, so I still wasn't sold that he could hold his own in his own show. BOOM, then his standalone show came out!!! It was absolutely fantastic and I couldn't have hoped for such awesomeness. Jigsaw's origin story was told brilliantly, and was casted great. Again, like Trailer Park Boys, it ain't for everybody. It's extremely violent, but honestly, there is no other way to tell true Punisher stories.

Well, I still can't wait for movies to truly make a comeback. But after Avengers - End Game, it's hard to say what I even care to watch. It's looking like TV is going to eat movie's lunch in my household as well.