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Today is the first day of the rest of my web life

Well today is the day. It's time to practice what I preach. I've been constantly fighting creating a blog/website because it takes forever (for me anyways) to decide what tech stack I want to use, learn front end tools, etc. Well, let's iterate and get the lowest possible value here. =)

The lowest possible value at this point is my content (debatable to some), so let's get some out. The first order of business that I want to get across is that this blog will follow a few rules here.

  1. Keep content coming regularily
  2. Keep content lightweight
  3. Iterate on the function and look and feel of blog without interferring with item 2

1. is pretty straight foward. Just write content reguarily. At this point since this just vanilla HTML, there are very low barriers of entry to write. It's just a matter of opening up a text editor and writing whatever I want. 2. is easy now. Look at this site. It looks ugly, but it keeps it very lightweight. If you want my opinions on what the state of the internet are, check out this guy's opinion that mirrors my own. It is definitely bloated. 3. is the hard part. How can I learn to get my content to a more modern look at feel. There are many frameworks out there, but what can I use that doesn't mess with item 2. Oh yeah, and right out of the gate, this website is already responsive.

Well most of the boring stuff is over. So what's new? Well let's see what I can type about in the next post =)