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Twilight Zone - 12/16/2018 8:29 PM

There is just something about Rod Serling's voice that still gets me to this day. I'm not sure if it's his tone of voice, or how he delivers an unmatched narration, but it leaves a huge emotional impression on me. Tonight's episode was about a woman who is stuck in a bus station waiting for her ride. Concerned about her bus being late, she asks the guy in the terminal what's taking so long. Long story short, she is dealing with multiple dimensions colliding together as she notices that she can see herself living in multiple realities all at the same time. At the end the poor lady gets taken to the loony bin because everybody thinks shes crazy. It was a fun episode and when I see a good episode I tend to start binge watching 4 in a row.

What's interesting to me is how so much sci-fi that exists today are influenced by this show. Even though this show is over 50 years old, it still holds up today.