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14 Years - 12/19/2018 7:47 PM

14 years... I can't believe it. I didn't believe how long it's been until I said it out loud to my buddy Gordie at lunch today while eating my free keychain frosty at Wendy's. 14 years that I've been with the most amazing person (guy or gal) I've ever met on the planet. I'm insanely blessed and thank the Lord almighty frequently for this blessing. But dang, 14 years. It doesn't feel a day longer than 4 years. I still remember struggling right out of school, jobless, trying to figure out what I wanted to accomplish with my life. Only to eventually move to San Francisco from the crazy central valley, having a son and finally transplanting ourselves to Colorado.

It's been a while ride, with all the challenges you can imagine. And while I have what seems like an endless bag of regrets, my 14 years with Rachelle will never be one of them =)